Clearly you are here because you are having a difficult time adjusting to this market and looking for answers. I am here to tell you that you can get back to the success you have had in the past with the right support and environment. I have many agents who have actually improved their income over the last couple of years while the majority of REALTORs have been headed the other way - so you are not alone.

Depending on when you started in the business, you probably have experienced a time where business came to you just because you were a REALTOR. You may also have experienced down times in the market that didn't compare to what we have seen in the last few years. In the past the approach of just hang in there and the goods times will come back worked fine. Today, many of your fellow agents have had to realize that they cannot afford to keep WAITING on the market to change, because the when and if is just too much for their wallets to handle. In today's market, you have to not only embrace the basics of sales development, but you have to ensure you are using the latest techniques to maximize your efforts and of course RESULTS!!!

Now I know that our office isn't the right place for everyone, but I know for the right people it is the best place to make the most amount of money while maintaining a balance in life.

So let's get started in showing you what we are talking about....

Let me ask you a few questions...

Do you have a consistent stream of leads in your pipeline that you can convert to sales?

Can you add more whenever you need them?

Is your Broker as committed and involved in your success as you are?

Do you have the staff support to make sure you are spending your time being productive and not just busy?

Do have to offer less services to your clients based on your income?

Does your office provide everything you need to practice real estate at little or no costs to you?

Do you have an experienced Broker available that knows how YOU do business and how to help YOU?

Are you a part of the largest real estate company in the country whose size allows them to provide new tools and support in every market?

If these questions have got you thinking about what might be different at the Dunwoody office of Coldwell Banker, then you owe it to your business to  contact me today and set up a time to meet with me about the details....

If you happen to have spoken with Coldwell Banker in the past or even been affiliated with us, you might be surprised at what you contact me today to have your wow moment!!!

Use the links below to explore some of the other questions you might have about Coldwell Banker before we get together and talk in person.