Congratulations on your decision to join a great industry at one of the best times in history to get started on building a solid career!

I believe the most critical decision you can make as a new agent is selecting your Broker. Many brokerages around the city use mentoring programs where you follow an experienced agent around and observe all their skills over time. I believe it is my job, as a non-competing broker, to show you the "how to" of the industry and get you on the path that gets you to YOUR goals, not someone else's. 

I want you to know up front that this is not an easy job and you'll have to earn your money. But, it is one of the few careers where you can have a flexible schedule and unlimited earning potential. At Coldwell Banker we provide you with the resources and support to help you get off the ground quickly and on your way to exceeding your goals.

So let's get started!

Let me ask you a few questions...

Do you want to pay for your administrative support either with an assistant or fees to your current office?

Do you want to spend more of your time working on paperwork and the computer than with clients selling homes?

Do you want to pay to have your marketing material created or have to do it all yourself?

Do you want to have an experienced Broker available that knows how YOU do business and how to help YOU?

Do you want to be a part of the largest real estate company in the country whose size allows them to provide new tools and support in every market?

Do you want to have a consistent stream of leads in your pipeline that you can convert to sales?

Do you want a Broker as committed and involved in your success as you are?

Do you want to have the staff support to make sure you are spending your time being productive and not just busy?

Do you want your office to provide everything you need to practice real estate at little or no costs to you?

If these questions have you wondering about what is different at the Dunwoody office of Coldwell Banker, then you owe it to your business to contact me today to set up a confidential discussion...

If you happen to be practicing real estate with another company, hopefully these questions have you thinking about what your business could be like with Coldwell contact me today to have your wow moment!!!

Use the links below to explore some of the other questions you might have about Coldwell Banker before we get together and talk in person.