First of all, I want to congratulate you on being a top agent and having the courage and business acumen that it took to even come to this site. Clearly you are a smart business person and an accomplished salesperson that has created a successful business for yourself. 

Secondly, I want to point out that our office is not the right fit for everyone, but I believe it would be worth your time for you to explore what we do differently. We help our agents to be the best in the business and put the most money in their pockets at the end of the day!

So let's get started in showing you what we are talking about....

Let me ask you a few questions...

Do you pay for your administrative support either with an assistant of fees to your current office?

Do you spend more of your time working on paperwork and the computer than with clients selling homes?

Do you either pay to have your marketing material created or have to do it all yourself?

Do you have an experienced Broker available that knows how YOU do business and how to help YOU?

Are you a part of the largest real estate company in the country whose size allows them to provide new tools and support in every market?

If these questions have got you thinking about what might be different at the Dunwoody office of Coldwell Banker, then you owe it to your business to contact me today and set up a time to meet with me about the details....

If you happen to have spoken with Coldwell Banker in the past or even been affiliated with us, you might be surprised at what you contact me today to have your wow moment!!!

Use the links below to explore some of the other questions you might have about Coldwell Banker before we get together and talk in person.